Maternal / Child Health

Safe Space operates two programs at our Jamaica headquarters specifically designed to promote maternal /child health:

  • Healthy Families Jamaica is a comprehensive program for both pregnant and parenting families that provides case management, home visits, support groups and other resources in order to ensure that children up to age five meet developmental milestones. The program also promotes positive parenting and parent-child interactions while discouraging child abuse and neglect through skills-based education, referrals to other agencies, health education, testing and supporting a family's economic stability.   For more information on this City-wide program:
  • Our second community-based program focuses on providing prenatal and postnatal care to pregnant women who don't otherwise have access to health care with the goals of reducing infant mortality and low birth weight babies. Among other services, employees connect participants to primary care providers, provide educational materials on healthy pregnancies and make sure clients attend well-baby visits after giving birth.

For more information on these programs, please call 718.526.2400.